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Monday 26 February 2018


Hi fellow gardeners.
Here are the latest pics from my pods.
The parsley seeds did very well .
But no luck with the others.

The celery is Tasty and full of flavour.

Rosemary is is doing its thing, smelling rosey.

Baby carrots crying out to be eaten.

Todays haul, might make some veggie soup.
Just the thing for a rainy day like today.

I am off to the garden awards ceramony in a few weeks,
I have been told I am receiving an award.
Not sure which category yet.
Look for it in my next post.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Garden Health and Vitality

As you can see, the garden is thriving,
Celery , carrots, spinach, Everything!

All the new seedlings are going off!!!

The tomato has a couple of fruit too.

I have also planted some seed , this is the Coriander after 2 weeks.

I've  planted a different type of parsley seed and Capsicum seeds.
This is also after 2 weeks. 

I will hopefully have some new Lemons to look forward too as well.

Hard at work , Being a green thumb is a talent I have :)

I have  planted some Alyssum seeds , to add a bit of colour, no show with them yet, maybe I should stick to veggies, lol.
I promised Mum I would try them as she'd had no success with the seeds.
(must be the seeds)

The weather heating up much too soon, It is supposed to be 36 degrees
on Sunday.
I hope to plant more seeds soon to see how they go.

Look forward to some awesome feasts in the future ,
Featuring my garden bounty.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Alby's Garden: Separating Seedling

Alby's Garden: Separating Seedling: Time for some gardening again. Time to spread out the seedlings. Celery first. The baby carrots given some room to grow. Sp...