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Monday, 11 April 2016

Gluten free goodness with Pesto perfection

 Today my little sister and Mum are coming for lunch. I need to get some G.F cooking happening.
Fresh herbs to start.

Ok, so I cheated & used a G.F Bread mix base , but the herbs are all homemade.
And the bread, all home baked.
looking good. 

Made some homemade chunky peanut pesto, using my fresh herbs, really cheap to make.
My kind of price.

Wasn't sure I would like the G.F. Bread, but it was pretty sick!!!
Looks awesome too.

It tasted soooo good my sister ate 3 Servings!!!
AND took the rest home for laters!!

It tasted really nice & herby straight from the oven spread with buttery goodness as well.

I am still waiting for the weather to cool so I can plant some winter veg & herbs.

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