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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Garden Health and Vitality

As you can see, the garden is thriving,
Celery , carrots, spinach, Everything!

All the new seedlings are going off!!!

The tomato has a couple of fruit too.

I have also planted some seed , this is the Coriander after 2 weeks.

I've  planted a different type of parsley seed and Capsicum seeds.
This is also after 2 weeks. 

I will hopefully have some new Lemons to look forward too as well.

Hard at work , Being a green thumb is a talent I have :)

I have  planted some Alyssum seeds , to add a bit of colour, no show with them yet, maybe I should stick to veggies, lol.
I promised Mum I would try them as she'd had no success with the seeds.
(must be the seeds)

The weather heating up much too soon, It is supposed to be 36 degrees
on Sunday.
I hope to plant more seeds soon to see how they go.

Look forward to some awesome feasts in the future ,
Featuring my garden bounty.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Alby's Garden: Separating Seedling

Alby's Garden: Separating Seedling: Time for some gardening again. Time to spread out the seedlings. Celery first. The baby carrots given some room to grow. Sp...

Separating Seedling

Time for some gardening again.

Time to spread out the seedlings.
Celery first.

The baby carrots given some room to grow.

Spreading out Strawberries.

Cherry tomato bush , No much to do here.
Keep on growing.

The Mint is doing a bit of growing too.

So in case can't tell whats what,
I've put some Cool labels beside my masterpieces .

Looking Goood Garden !

Even the Basil is looking Beautiful.
Thats all for now.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Check this out.
Unnatural warm weather has the crop going crazy, its only been 2 weeks!!

silly Celery 
Beautiful Baby Spinach
Crazy baby Carrots

Winter lettuce lunacy.

Tantalising Tomato 

Basil Bonanza 

Rosy Rosemary

First winter produce pick.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


OK, At long last I am back into my gardening reporting.
I have cleaned out the garden pods of old and have planted some new Veggies & Herbs.

Watering in the plants.

I planted a new rosemary bush.

New seedlings including Cherry tomato bush, new basil, celery,
Baby carrots & Lettuce.

I still have Spinach, spring onion & Strawberries from the
last planting going strong.

New Basil planted. 

New baby carrots.

And Celery, Yum.

Hopefully all my new Planting with shoot up quickly .
I can't wait to use my new produce.
Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Cabbage Creation.

Hi all, It's been very hot in the land down under.
I am in the process of replanting my summer garden.
It's been too hot to plant new seedlings.
Finally it's cooled down to 30deg or less instead of 30-40.
I have made some tasty Mince chow Mien with the last of my Cabbage.

In goes the sugarloaf cabbage with a few other veg.
Stir Fry to make it tasty.And add the spices .

And there you have it !
Very tasty Mince Chow Mien.