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Sunday, 28 February 2016


Produce Plate

Her are the newest editions out of my productive garden.

Baby carrots, onions,mini melons, lemons almost, and of course more Basil.

Three tears for onions!

Who new, my baby carrots born with hair.
Almost homemade lemonade time.

Madness! mini Melons??

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bonkers Basil.

 Hi everyone , here is the next from Alby's garden. As you can see My herb garden is going wild,  I have so much Basil I could be the main supplier for Dolmio's .
 I have harvested my cucumbers now & have a spare pot to plant something  new. so watch this space. and as you can see my chillies are doing well also.
I have also harvested a few strawberries from my garden pod. As well as carrots & tomatoes.
My Zucchini plants have not done as well as they have white mould. I have been spraying them with milkspray , but I'm not sure I will have any luck . Any suggestions?

Thats all for now,